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London Objective 2 creative industry projects impact evaluation

Three EU Objective 2 programmes in London provided European Regional Development Funds worth £55million to support projects targeting cultural and creative businesses.

Although programme evaluations were undertaken, there was no research into the impact of the projects on businesses, or on the effectiveness of the regeneration measures detailed in the Objective 2 Single Programming Document and its accompanying Complement.

On behalf of the London Objective 2 area partners and the London Development Agency (Creative London programme), Frontline commissioned EKOS (Glasgow) to analyse project outputs and outcomes, and interview project managers and beneficiaries.

The aim of the research was to measure the impact of the EU’s investment on the creative businesses in London’s Objective 2 area so that future national and regeneration policies could be better targeted. The research was published in February 2007 and can be downloaded by clicking Evaluation of London Objective 2 Creative and Cultural Industries Projects. Several dissemination workshops were held in London and Brussels during March 2007.

To download just the Executive Summary, and the Introduction and Afterword, please click below.

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