A Postcard Calendar 1984



Journeyman planned to publish its own calendar in 1984 based on one produced by Edition Plambeck (Neuss) that reproduced a selection of German labour movement postcards from 1900-1919. It never happened and Plambeck published a second calendar in 1985 covering the period 1900-1923. All the images came from a collection of photographs by Manfred A. Tripp, which are now held in the Special Collection on Protest Movements at the Hamburg Institute of Social Research. They are reproduced below, for which we thank the Institute for their kind permission.

(cover image) Published in Nuremburg, posted 1 May 1903.

Published in Leipzig, posted 1 May 1903.

Published in Leipzig, blank, c.1910.

Published in Leipzig, posted 23 March 1908.

Published in Leipzig, blank, c.1910

Publisher unknown, posted 1 May 1904.

Published in Switzerland, blank, May 1919.

Published in Berlin, posted 17 July 1910.

Published in Leipzig, posted 11 May 1902.

Published in Vienna, blank, c.1912.

Published in Leipzig, posted 10 December 1909.

Published in Leipzig, blank, c.1908.

Published in Berlin, posted 1 May 1902.

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