The Magna Carta Barons

The Magna Carta Barons Association
The Magna Carta Barons, edited by Peter Sinclair
Magna Carta‘, a poem by Marriott Edgar

The 800th anniversary of Magna Carta took place in 2015. Alongside the state celebrations, the towns and villages where England’s 25 rebel barons came from in 1215 also celebrated their connection with the charter and the many generations of residents who lived and worked in them for over eight centuries.

Magna Carta: 800 Years of Liberty
The Barons
Kinship Ties
The Manors

The following short biographies of each baron were written by Professor Nigel Saul at Royal Holloway University of London, and the accompanying illustrations were selected by Peter Sinclair as published in The Magna Carta Barons, which is now out of print.

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Tony Hancock’s ‘Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you,’ from Twelve Angry Men, 1959.

‘The Ballad of Magna Carta’, a cantata for narrator and bass soloists, chorus and orchestra, first performed in New York, 4 February 1940. Music by Kurt Weill, text by Maxwell Anderson.

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