Frontline States initiated and managed projects and programmes facilitating change and development, principally in the arts sector…

…and continues to advocate for the arts and creativity as a way to change the world for the better, which is why it is proud to include “Working on the Frontline”, a song celebrating frontline workers in the NHS. It is taken from the fundraising album Song Club, released on 23 October 2020.  Donations can be made here.

“Working on the Frontline” was written and recorded by Neill MacColl and Kate St John, and is sung by Jessie Buckley & The Leonards. The video was made by Kitty MacColl and the words are spoken by NHS nurse Hannah Grace Deller.

And here’s the trailer for a new film about a friend of Frontline’s who has fought against injustice all his life…

And another from an organisation we support for its moral and ethical stance…

Films on this website, in addition to spoken poems, music and video clips, include:


Art from the Frontline (Southern African culture, Scotland, 1990)
Celebrate Moe! The Bread and Roses Project (Moe Foner, USA, 2002)
The Celebration (dance, Mozambique, 1989)
The Deeper Image (art and dance, Mozambique, 1988)
Detroit’s Rivera (Diego Rivera, USA and Puerto Rico, 2017)
Everyone A Special Kind Of Artist (Ken Sprague, England, 1980s)
Ferro em Brasa: Ricardo Rangel (photography, Mozambique, 2006)
Fringe Benefits (alternative theatre, England, 1980)
The Ken Campbell Roadshow (alternative theatre, England, 1971)
Lady Chatterley’s trial (censorship, England, 1991)
La Vie est a Nous (Popular Front, France, 1936)
Marx on the Wall (mural, England, 1991)
Mbira Music: Spirit of the People (music, Zimbabwe, 1990)
Michelene Wandor (interview, England, 2010)
Poster Man (Ken Sprague, England, 1978)
The Real Battle of Cable Street (Cable Street mural, England, 2010)
Ways of Seeing (John Berger, England, 1972)


Accidental Death of an Anarchist (England, 1981)
Consequences (Zimbabwe, 1988)
L’Idée (The Idea) (France, 1932)
Les Aventures de Till l’Espiègle (The Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel) (France, 1956)
Легенда о Тиле (The Legend of Till) (Soviet Union, 1976)
The Marriage of Mariamu (Tanzania, 1985)
The Moss Witch (England, 2010s)
Nelisita (Angola, 1982)
The Overcoat (Russia, 2010s)

A 1971 print by Ken Sprague (1927-2004), political cartoonist and graphic artist.

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