This website includes a number of films and documentaries that complement the subjects it covers, as well as spoken word, music and video clips. Some are directly connected and others have been added because they provide a better understanding of the subject. All can be difficult to find online. The categorised links below are documentaries unless otherwise stated.


Celebrate Moe! The Bread and Roses Project (Moe Foner, USA, 2002)
Detroit’s Rivera (Diego Rivera, USA and Puerto Rico, 2017)
Everyone A Special Kind Of Artist (Ken Sprague/Melinda Perham, England, 1986)
L’Idée (The Idea) (France, 1932)
Marx on the Wall (mural, England, 1991)
The Real Battle of Cable Street (mural, England, 2010)
A portrait of the artist Ken Sprague, 1927-2004 (England, 1970)
Poster Man (Ken Sprague, England, 1977)
Ways of Seeing (John Berger, England, 1972)


Accidental Death of an Anarchist (England, 1981)
Fringe Benefits (alternative theatre, England, 1980)
The Ken Campbell Roadshow (alternative theatre, England, 1971)
Lady Chatterley’s trial (censorship, England, 1991)
Michelene Wandor (interview, England, 2010)
The Overcoat (theatre, Russia, 2010s)

Spanish Civil War

Heart of Spain (USA, 1937)
Spanish Earth (USA, 1937)

Frontline States

Art from the Frontline (Southern African culture, Scotland, 1990)
The Celebration (dance, Mozambique, 1989)
The Deeper Image (art and dance, Mozambique, 1988)
Ferro em Brasa: Ricardo Rangel (photography, Mozambique, 2006)
Mbira Music: Spirit of the People (music, Zimbabwe, 1990)
Consequences (feature film, Zimbabwe, 1988)
The Marriage of Mariamu (feature film, Tanzania, 1985)
Nelisita (feature film, Angola, 1982)

South Africa

Hinterland: A Documentary (South African liberation, England, no date)
The Secret Safari (South African liberation, Australia, 2001)


Les Aventures de Till l’Espiègle (The Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel) (feature film, France, 1956)
Легенда о Тиле (The Legend of Till) (feature film, Soviet Union, 1976)
La Vie est à Nous (Life Belongs to Us) (propaganda, French Communist Party, France, 1936)
Lidice – A Light Across The Sea (documentary, rebuilding Lidice, England, 2013)
The Moss Witch (animated film, England, 2010s)
Primo de Mayo Parade (60th anniversary parade, Cuba, 2019)

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