Art and Design

Cartoons for the Cause, Designs and Verses for the Socialist and Labour Movement, 1886-1896
Walter Crane
Foreword by John Betjeman
First published in 1896, reprinted with the Marx Memorial Library, London.
1976, large format soft cover tied with ribbon, 42.8×30.8cm, 40pp, limited edition of 100 copies on mould-made rag paper signed by John Betjeman. Second trade edition of 500 copies with 2 missing sheets. See Walter Crane.

The Other America: Art and the Labour Movement in the United States
Edited by Philip S. Foner (1910-1994) and Reinhard Schultz
The most extensively documented history of America’s art and labour ever published. Below is a short film celebrating Philip’s brother, Moe Foner (1916-2002), who created the ‘Bread and Roses’ project at 1199SEIU.
1985, paperback original, 27.8x21cm, 176pp

The Radical Imagination: Frans Masereel, 1889-1972
Introduction by Josef Herman
A selection of some of the finest woodcuts by one of the twentieth century’s most creative artists. Also see The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde.
1980, paperback original, Journeyman Chapbook 4, 19.6×12.8cm, 64pp

The 1932 animated film of Frans Masereel’s L’Idée, made by Berthold Bartosch in collaboration with the author and music by Arthur Honegger.

Graphics UK ’84: A Directory of Designers
Edited by Fred Lambert
The catalogue for the national graphics exhibition organised by Typos in London.
1984, paperback original, 29×21.5cm, 128pp

Fighting Spirits: Peter Peri and Cliff Rowe
Essay by John Lloyd
Foreword by Terry Bennett and Paul Collett
Introduction by Ray Watkinson
Two undervalued artists who struggled throughout their lives to find a socially relevant art. Also see Peter Peri and Cliff Rowe.
1987, paperback original, 20x20cm, 60pp

This excellent documentary by Julio Ramos uses archive footage to capture the economic depression of 1930s America and the ever-increasing demands of Ford’s production line as the background to Rivera painting his Detroit mural. It received awards at the 2018 Festival Internacional de Documentales ‘Santiago Alvarez’, the Ibiza Film Fest, and the 2018 Berkeley International Film and Video Festival.

The Murals of Diego Rivera
Desmond Rochfort
A political chronology by Julia Engelhardt
A stunning portrait of Mexico and a visual record of an outstanding twentieth-century artist. Also see Diego Rivera and Jack Hastings.
1987, paperback original, 28x23cm, 104pp

The Generals’ Strike, 1926-1976
Andrew Turner
Foreword by Dai Francis
Introduction by Ray Watkinson
Twenty powerful drawings illustrating the roles of participants in the 1926 General Strike.
1977, paperback original, 29.7x21cm, 56pp

Photo courtesy of Göppinger Antiquariat, Germany
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