Shelley’s Socialism and Popular Songs, wholly political, and destined to awaken and direct the imagination of the reformers
Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx Aveling
Preface by Frank Allaun, MP
One of the few Marxist evaluations of Shelley’s poetry, with the political poems Shelley intended to publish together.
1975, paperback reprint (1888), Journeyman Chapbook 3, 19.6×12.8cm

Listen to Maxine Peake reading ‘The Masque of Anarchy’ on BBC R3 in 2019, marking the anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre on 16 August 1819.

The Twelve, and the Scythians
Alexander Blok
Translation and introduction by Jack Lindsay
Illustrations by Yuri Annenkov
A new English edition with Annenkov’s 1918 illustrations and an afterword by the Moscow book historian, Yuri Molok.
1982, paperback original, Journeyman Chapbook 8, 19.6×12.8cm, 80pp

Nicaraguan New Time
Ernesto Cardenal
Translation by Dinah Livingstone
Illustrations by Armando Morales
Written after the Sandinista revolution, poems of warmth, hope and sustenance.
1988, paperback original, Journeyman Chapbook 16, 19.6×12.8cm, 96pp

Latest News: Poems
David Craig
Linocuts by Ken Sprague
‘Craig and Sprague have composed a fine and fighting book which I hope will help to change Britain’s lukewarm attitude to poetry.’ Adrian Mitchell
1978, paperback original, 21.2×14.3cm, 72pp

Come Close: Poems
Nigel Gray
Linocuts by Ken Sprague
‘Nigel Gray writes poetry as it ought to be written. I think it’s the poetry millions of silent people would write if they could.’ Edward Bond
1978, paperback original, 21.2×14.3cm, 80pp

Let the Rail Splitter Awake and Other Poems
Pablo Neruda
Introduction by Christopher Perriam
Illustrations by José Venturelli
Poems infused with the sufferings, strengths and aspirations of oppressed people throughout the world.
1988, paperback reprint (1950), Journeyman Chapbook 10, 19.6×12.8cm, 96pp

Sacred Hope: Poems
Agostinho Neto
Translation and introduction by Marga Holness
Foreword by Basil Davidson
Illustrations by Henrique Abranches
The epic story of the growth of consciousness of a people by Angola’s first President.
1988, paperback original with UNESCO Collection of Representative Works (African Series), Journeyman Chapbook 13, 19.6×12.8cm, 144pp

For the Good of the Nation: Songs and Poems
Leon Rosselson
Illustrations by Jeff Perks
A collection of songs and poems by one of Britain’s leading singer-songwriters.
1981, paperback original, 21×14.8cm, 80pp

Red Earth: Poems
Chris Searle
‘…Searle’s compassion, anger and sense of historical morality as a storyteller are reminiscent of the early Gorki.’ John Berger
1980, paperback original, 21×14.9cm, 72pp

Nineteen Poems
Nikola Vaptsarov
Introductory poem by Yannis Ritsos
Translation by Ewald Osers
Illustrations by Roumen Skorchev
One of Bulgaria’s greatest poets, and posthumous winner of the World Peace Prize.
1984, hardback and paperback original with UNESCO Collection of Representative Works (European Series), Journeyman Chapbook 11, 19.6×12.8cm, 69pp

Upbeat: Poems and Stories
Michelene Wandor
A collection of feminist poems and short stories by this well-known playwright.
1982, paperback original, 21×14.3cm, 65pp

Gardens of Eden: Poems for Eve and Lilith
Michelene Wandor
The Old Testament retold – witty, ironic, philosophical and questing.
1984, paperback original with Playbooks, 21×14.8cm, 82pp

The Ballad of Reading Gaol (by C.3.3.)
Oscar Wilde
Illustrations by Frans Masereel
Dedication by John Betjeman
A heartfelt cry against the legal violence of the hangman’s rope. Also see The Radical Imagination: Frans Masereel, 1889-1972 by Josef  Herman.
1980, paperback reprint (1898), Journeyman Chapbook 1, 19.6×12.8cm, 64pp

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