The Frontline States festival

Frontline organised its festival of Southern African culture during Glasgow’s ‘City of Culture’ celebrations in 1990. The full programme was hosted by ‘Mayfest’ in Glasgow and continued to Manchester and Dublin, where Winnie Mandela opened ‘Images from Mozambique’ just as Nelson flew in after his first meeting with the US President.

‘Music from the Frontline’ appeared at WOMAD’s Morecambe and Reading festivals and afterwards the performers toured the UK and Europe.

‘Theatre from the Frontline’ played at Newport, Cardiff, Merthyr, Aberystwyth and Newtown. ‘Film from the Frontline’ was screened in twelve towns and cities, and ‘Poems from the Frontline’ took place in twenty-four towns and cities.


‘The other destiny of heroes’, Mozambique. Ricardo Rangel, 1975. Photographs from the Frontline

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