Art from the Frontline

Contemporary Art from Southern Africa

Selected and edited by Peter Sinclair

Forewords by Luis Bernardo Honwana, Minister of Culture, Mozambique, and Boaventura Cardoso, Secretary of State for Culture, People’s Republic of Angola

Art from the Frontline is more than a book about art. It is a celebration. A celebration of the cultures of Southern Africa fighting under-development, defending themselves against the aggression of a powerful apartheid neighbour, redefining themselves after hundreds of years of colonial rule.

This is not a study by Africanists in the north writing about the south. Art from the Frontline is a product of Southern Africa. Through its contemporary art, popular music, poetry, theatre, dance, film and photography we can catch a glimpse of the vitality and strength of its cultures, and the excitement of countries reaching a new turning point in their histories.

Illustrated essays include:

“Frontline Resistance” by Ernest Harsch, with an Afterword by Professor Reginald Herbold Green
“Art and the African Artist” by Vitor Manuel Teixeira (Viteix)
“Angolan Textile Weaving” by Marcela Costa
“The Visual Arts of Botswana” by Stephen Williams
“Mozambican Art: An Overview” by Malangatana Valenta Ngwenya
“Art on the Move” by Paulo Soares
“Tanzania: Contemporary Trends in Art” by Professor Elias Jengu
“Zambian Art Today” by Dr Roger Chongwe and Gwenda Fay Chongwe
“New Art from Zambia” by Ruth Bush
“The Many Faces of Zimbabwean Sculpture” by David Walker
“Mzilikazi: Artists in the Community” by Stephen Williams
“Culture in the New Namibia” by Gwen Ansell
“Popular Music in Zimbabwe” by Caleb Dube
“Poetry in Southern Africa” by Chenjerai Hove
“The Development of Theatre in Zimbabwe” by Stephen Chifunyise
“Dance and Society in Southern Africa: The Zambian Experience” by Dr Mapopa Mtonga
“Cinema in the Frontline” by Mark Leveri
“Photography in the Frontline: A View from Botswana” by Michael Kahn

Published by Frontline for the Frontline States exhibition, Glasgow, 1990.
128 pages, paperback, ISBN 1 85465 037 8

Out of print, but some copies still available from Frontline at £12.99

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