John Heartfield: 16 posters against capitalism and war, 1925-1937

Journeyman distributed sets of these posters published by La Pietra in Milan. They were produced in 1978 after an exhibition of John Heartfield’s photomontages held in January that year at the University of Zurich, with permission from Elefanten Press in West Berlin.

Berlin phrase (1929). Illustration for Deutschland, Deutschland über alles by Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935).

Subdivisions (1929). Illustration for Deutschland, Deutschland über alles by Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935).

Horse head (AIZ, no. 6/1930).

Do you want to fall again to raise the stock market? (AIZ, no. 35/1932).

The meaning of the Hitler salute (AIZ, no. 42/1932).

Rearmament is necessary (AIZ, no. 46/1932)

The significance of Geneva (AIZ, no. 48/1932).

War (AIZ, no. 29/1933).

The executioner and justice (AIZ, no. 47/1933).

As in the Middle Ages, so with the Third Reich (AIZ, no. 22/1934).

Madrid 1936 (AIZ, no. 15/1936).

The sowing of Death (AIZ, no. 15/1937).

Forced supplier of human material (AIZ, no. 10/1930).

Freedom itself fights in their ranks (AIZ, no. 1/1936).

After the Great Flood (1925). The original sketch for the cover of After the Great Flood: A Novel from the Year 2000 by Upton Sinclair (1878-1968).

War and corpses (AIZ, no. 18/1932).

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