Journeyman publication events

October 1977: The Italian Road to Socialism discussion between Eric Hobsbawm and the author Giorgio Napolitano at the Foreign Press Association, St James’s
May 1978: The Generals’ Strike by Andrew Turner, in exhibition ‘Art for Society’ at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel High Street, 10 May to 18 June 1978
November 1980: The Muvver Tongue by Robert Barltrop and Jim Wolveridge, press launch at Fred’s Cafe, Aberfeldy Street, Poplar
February 1982: Upbeat: Poems and Stories by Michelene Wandor, author reading at the Poetry Society, Earl’s Court Square
May 1982: Six Red Months in Russia by Louise Bryant, following the release of ‘Reds’ starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton
October 1982: The Prisoner book signing by the author Pat Arrowsmith, Collets International Bookshop, Charing Cross Road
July 1983: Telling Tales by Sara Maitland, press launch and party at Lauderdale House, Highgate
March 1984: The English Rebels by Charles Poulsen, on 150th anniversary of the trial of the Tolpuddle Martyrs
July 1984: The People’s Guide to London (Central and West End) by Andrew Davies, with Prince Rupert’s Blue Regiment of Foote, madrigals and ballads, in the Chapter Hall of the Order of St John, St John’s Lane, Clerkenwell, and City Limits treasure hunt with a first prize of £1000 cash
June 1985: The Daughters of Egalia by Gerd Brantenberg, author in discussion on ‘Women and Science Fiction’, Virago Bookshop, Southampton Street
November 1985: The Other America, edited by Philip S. Foner and Reinhard Schultz, exhibition at Royal Festival Hall, 14 November to 23 December 1985
January 1986: The Days of the Good Soldiers by Richard Kisch, press launch on HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge. Conference on Communists in World War II Armed Forces organised by Communist Party History Group, 27 September 1986
February 1986: Mother Goose Rhymes, published to support the campaign aganst the prosecution of ‘Gay’s the Word’ bookshop
January 1987: Fighting Spirits: Peter Peri and Cliff Rowe, exhibition at Camden Arts Centre 16 January to 15 February 1987
March 1987: Johnny Come Lately, press launch at Health Education Council, New Oxford Street; trade launch at Adelaide Book Centre, Adelaide Street; party with Red Stripe at the Limelight, Shaftesbuty Avenue
June 1987: Reviewing the Reviews by Women in Publishing, at start of Feminist Book Fortnight
July 1987: Furnishing the World by Pat Kirkham, Rodney Mace and Julia Porter, exhibition at Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, July 1987 to January 1988
October 1987: The Murals of Diego Rivera by Desmond Rochfort, exhibition at Hayward Gallery, 29 October 1987 to 10 January 1988
July 1988: Weighing Up by George Scales, press launch in TGWU tent at the Royal Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, and at Tolpuddle 17 July 1988
September 1988: Sacred Hope by Agostino Neto, Nicaragua New Time by Ernesto Cardenal, Let the Rail-Splitter Awake by Pablo Neruda, ‘Resistance!’ readings, with performances by AK:47 Theatre Cooperative, Kafala Brothers and Incantation, auction of Armando Morales illustrations, at Africa Centre, King Street
October 1988: Sacred Hope by Agostino Neto, performance by the Kafala Brothers at the Burston School Strike rally, Burston, Suffolk
August 1990: Sacred Hope by Agostino Neto, Nicaragua New Time by Ernesto Cardenal, ‘Resistance!’ readings, with performances by Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy and the Kafala Brothers, Assembly Rooms, Glasgow

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