The Kafala Brothers

The Kafala Brothers sang immeasurably sad, haunting songs, accompanied by guitars and flute, capturing  the pain and aspirations of a country ravaged by war.


Moisés and José (Zé) Kafala were born in the village of Mazoso, Angola, and individually rose to national fame. In 1985 they won the Top dos Mais Queridos music contest with ‘O’ Kudizola Kueto’ and in 1987 launched as a duo in Luanda. In 1988 they recorded ‘Ngola’ and the following year embarked on a tour of over twenty countries. Their second album was ‘Salipo’, recorded in 1995. They continued performing together until 2004 when they chose solo careers. That year José recorded ‘Balsamo’ and in 2008 he was awarded the Diploma of Merit by the Ministry of Culture.

Moisés died on 2 September 2016 in a medical unit in Namibia where he had moved to have a disease linked to his vocal chords treated. Until his death he was the provincial director of culture in Bengo.

José died 13 December 2019 at Luanda’s Military Hospital where he was receiving medical treatment.

The Kafala Brothers performing at Mayfest, 1990. José, on the left, died in 2019 and Moisés died in 2016.

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