Miguel Valingue

Miguel Valingue was born in Nanhagaia, Mueda, Cabo Delgado Province, in 1953. He gave up his studies to join the armed struggle and moved to the liberated areas on the Mueda plateau. He emigrated with his family to Tanzania in 1968 and in 1969 he began to sculpt under the tutelage of his brother, Rafael Massude. He remained in Mtwara in Tanzania until 1974, when he returned to Mueda during the transitional government. He settled in Nampula in 1978 and joined the 16 June Cooperative. In 1986 he moved to Maputo where he now works for himself. He has works in the collections of the National Museum of Art and the Nampula Museum. He participated in the exhibition of Makonde Art in Paris in October 1989.

Miguel Valingue, ‘Shetani – Stengamento’, blackwood
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