The English Cabinet

Newspapers and periodicals

The bibliographical details of 45 newspaper and periodical titles from the ‘English Cabinet’ were transcribed from duplicate index cards copied in 1975 and a published bibliography checked against the original cards. This is the only digitised listing of the chartist and radical English-language books, pamphlets and periodicals collected by Riazanov and his colleagues. The period covered is principally the nineteenth century, although titles from the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries are also included. However, the index cards accessed in 1975 did not include the IML’s Robert Owen collection and only represent a small section of the entire ‘English Cabinet’. The complete collection can be searched online at the The Centre of Social and Political History.


A Penny Paper for the People, by the Poor Man's GuardianLondon1831, 1832, 1835
Carpenter's Monthly Political MagazineVol. 1London1831, 1832
Elihu Burritt's Band of BrotherhoodLondon[Gilpen]1849, 1850
Friend of the PeopleEdited by Julian HarneyVol. 1 Nos. 1-11, December 1850-July 1851London1850-1851
Hog's WashPart 1 Nos. 1-5London1793
Hog's Wash, or Politics for the PeoplePart 1 No. 6London1793
Hone's Reformists' Register, and Weekly CommentaryVols. 1-2London1817
Manchester Political Register; or, Reformers' Repository[Concerning the Peterloo Massacre]Nos. 1-7[Manchester]1817
Notes to the People[By Ernest Jones]Vols. 1-3London1851, 1852
People's and Howitt's Journal of Literature, Art and Popular ProgressEdited by J. SaundersVol. 4London[1849-1851]
Politics for the PeopleNos. 1-17, Index 1848LondonParker1848
Politics for the People, or a Salmagundy for SwinePart 1 Nos. 10-22London1793
Politics for the People, or a Salmagundy for SwinePart 1 Nos. 13-16, Part 2 Nos. 1-14, Index 1793London1794
Politics for the People, or a Salmagundy for SwineVols. 1-2, 3rd editionLondon1793-1795
Politics for the People, or Hog's WashPart 1 Nos. 7-9London1793
The Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine...and true churchman's magazine or monthly, political, and literary censorVols. 1-45London1798-1813; 1816-1817
The Anti-Jacobin; or, Weekly ExaminerLondon1797-1798
The Argus[To the newspaper 'The General Evening Post', 1790]London[Justins]1789
The Bee-HiveNos. 51-429, 441, 442, 469, 471-480, 482, 486, 488-549, [-794]London1862-1876
The Black DwarfA London weekly publicationVols. 1-12[London]1817-1824
The British Labourer's Protector, and Factory Child's FriendNos. 1-31, September 1831-April 1832 (1 vol.)BradfordInchbold1831, 1832
The Champion and Weekly HeraldLondon1837
The Chartist CircularEdited by W. Thomson, published under the superintendence of the universal suffrage central committee for ScotlandVols. 1-2GlasgowThe Office of the 'Chartist Circular'1839-1842
The CitizenVol. 1 Part 2London1794
The Commonweal[A revolutionary journal of anarchist-communism] The official journal of the Socialist LeagueVols. 1-71; New Series, Vols. 1-2London[Young]1885-1891; 1893, 1894
The Democratic Review of British and Foreign Politics, History and Literature[Edited by Julian Harney]Vols. 1-2London[J. Harney]1849, 1850
The Edinburgh Review [or Critical Journal][Edited by H. Cox]Vols. 1-19; 28-34Edinburgh1802-1812; 1817-1820
The General Evening PostLondon1789, 1790, 1793, 1794
The IndicatorLondon[Appleyard]1819-1821
The LabourerA monthly magazine of politics, literature, poetry etc. [Edited by Feargus O'Connor, Ernest Jones]Vols. 1-4London/ Manchester1847, 1848
The League[The exponent of the principles of free trade, and the organ of the National Anti-Corn-Law League]London[National Anti-Corn-Law League]1843, 1844-1846
The Leeds MercuryVols. 74, 79, 80, 82, 84-87[Leeds]1839, 1842, 1843, 1845, 1847-1850
The London Chartist Monthly MagazineNos. 1-6 (VI - XI)London1843
The London DemocratApril-June 1839. (Photocopy)London1839
The Medusa; or, Penny PoliticianVol. 1 Nos. 20, 22, 23, 25, 29, 32, July-September 1819London1819
The New Moral World [and Gazette of the Rational Society]A London weekly publication[London][Watson]1834-1846
The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser[No. 368, 30/XI - 1844 The Northern Star and National Trades' Journal, London] Edited by Feargus O'ConnorVols. 2-15[Leeds]1839-1852
The Northern TribunePeriodical for the People. Edited by William J[ames] LintonVols. 1-2Newcastle-on-Tyne/ LondonBarlow/HolyoakeNo date
The Pamphleteer...respectfully dedicated to both Houses of Parliament… to be continued occasionally at an average of four numbers annuallyVol. 1 March 1813, 1-2; Vol. 2 September 1813, 3-4; Vol. 1 March 1814, 5-6; Vol. 1 August 1814, 7-8; Vol. 5 February 1815, 9-10; Vol.6, 11-12; Vol.7 March 1816, 13-14; Vol. 8, 1816, 15-16; Vol. 9, 1817, 17-18; Vol. 10, 1817, 19-20 (2nd edition)London1813-1817
The People's PaperNos. 1-331 [Missing No. 34]London[Watts]1852-1858
The People's Review of Literature and PoliticsLondon1850
The Quarterly ReviewVol. 1 - 2nd editionLondonMurray1809
The Quarterly ReviewVols. 1-200 Nos. 1-400 [Missing Vol. 80 Nos. 159-160, 1847?]LondonMurray1809-1904
The Red RepublicanWeekly Journal [Edited by G. Julian Harney]Vol. 1 Nos. 1-24London[Collins]1850
The RepublicanVols. 1-14London[Carlile]1819-1826
The White HatLondon[Teulon]1819
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