The English Cabinet

Pamphlets and books

The bibliographical details of 910 books and pamphlets from the ‘English Cabinet’ were transcribed from duplicate index cards copied in 1975 and a published bibliography checked against the original cards. This is the only digitised listing of the chartist and radical English-language books, pamphlets and periodicals collected by Riazanov and his colleagues. The period covered is principally the nineteenth century, although titles from the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries are also included. However, the index cards accessed in 1975 did not include the IML’s Robert Owen collection and only represent a small section of the entire ‘English Cabinet’. The complete collection can be searched online at the The Centre of Social and Political History.


Acland, Arthur H. Dyke and Benjamin JonesWorking men co-operators136pLondonCassell1884
Acland, Arthur H. Dyke and Benjamin JonesWorking men co-operators (revised edition)212pManchesterManchester Co-operative Union1922
Adair, A. ShaftoThe winter of 1846-7 in AntrimNot knownLondonNo publisher1847
Adams, JohnAn answer to Paine's 'Rights of man'48pLondonStockdale1793
Adams, JohnObservations on Paine's 'Rights of man', in a series of letters by Publicola. 3rd edition.48pEdinburgh Dickson1792
Adolphus, J.The political state of the British empire... (4 vols.)Not knownLondonNo publisher1818
Ady, W. B.Condition of the labourer in agricultural parishes44pLondonParker1850
Agricultural Protection SocietyAn answer from R. Baker, of Writtle, to Earl Ducie. Published for the Agricultural Protection Society12pLondon and EdinburghBlackwood1844
Agricultural Protection SocietyTo artisans and labourers. Printed for the Agricultural Protection Society…4pBradburyWhitefriars[1840]
Aiken, P. F.The People's Charter; and Old England for ever12pBristolNo publisher1839
Alison, Ar[thur]England in 1815 and 18454,94pLondonNo publisher1845
Allen, WilliamColonies at home: or the means for rendering the industrious labourer independent of parish relief; and for providing for the poor population of Ireland… 2nd edition 27pLindfield, SussexNo publisher1827
Anderson, JamesExtract from an inquiry into the nature of the Corn Laws; with a view to the new corn-bill, proposed for Scotland 7pEdinburghNo publisher1777
Anglo-Catholicus (pseud.)Monastic and manufacturing systems. By Anglo-Catholicus. Reprinted from The Morning Post. (Defective copy: no cover)39pLondonPainter1843
Anonymous(An appeal to the people, on the) Pitt's Act, to prevent sedition meetings12pNo placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousA brief account of the chartist out break at Llanidloes in the year 1839. Compiled from various sources by E. H.32pLlanidloesPryse1867
AnonymousA clear idea of the good old British constitution, and the five rights of an Englishman8pNo placeNo publisher[c.1790]
AnonymousA diagram, illustrative of the formation of the human character, suggested by Owen's development of a new view of society15pLondonWheatley and Adlard1827
AnonymousA dialogue on parliamentary reform. 3rd edition23pLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousA few plain questions to the working people of Scotland15pNo placeNo publisher1793
AnonymousA few thoughts on political subjects submitted to the considerations of the manufacturers and others in the west of Scotland43pEdinburghNo publisher1792
AnonymousA full and authentic account of the dreadful riots at Manchester, Macclesfield etc. etc. by an eye-witness16pLondonPrinted for Cowie1819
AnonymousA grasping queen, and her pauper whelps. A flunkey premier, a rotten Parliament[8p]LondonNo publisherNo date
AnonymousA leaf from the future history of England, on the subject of reform in Parliament. 7th edition (Defective copy: missing title page)12p[London]No publisher[1831]
AnonymousA letter addressed to the christian advocate relative to the Society of Friends by O. J. R.Not knownIpswichNo publisher1836
AnonymousA letter addressed to the members of both houses of parliament, on the distresses of the hand loom weavers, as a remedy for…15pBoltonPrinted by Martin 1834
AnonymousA letter from a crow to Mr. Cobden. Translated from the original, by a Northamptonshire squire4p[London]No publisher[1844]
AnonymousA letter to his grace the duke of Wellington, containing practical suggestions, founded on simple principles, for the regulating of the currency; the relieving of the country from pauperism and a redundant population; and for the preventing, detecting, and correcting of crime. By an EnglishmanNot knownLondonRidgway1828
AnonymousA letter to John Bull, esq., showing the advantages of a division of land. By a friend8pBirminghamNo publisher[1819]
AnonymousA letter to Mr. Hogan upon his extraordinary 'Appeal' with a cursory remark on… Cobbett's recommendation of it; a clue to discover the real donor of the banknotes; and a hint to… Thomas Hague. 3rd edition26pLondonStockdale1808
AnonymousA letter to Sir Robert Gifford, his majesty's attorney-general. By a radical reformer16pLondonNo publisher1819
AnonymousA letter to Sir Samuel Shepherd, knt., his majesty's attorney-general, upon the subject of his prosecutions of Richard Carlile, for publishing Paine's 'Age of reason'28pLondonR. Carlile1819
AnonymousA letter to the earl of Liverpool, on the probable effect of a great reduction of corn prices by importation108pLondonNo publisher1814
AnonymousA letter to the farmers and manufacturers in Great Britain and Ireland on the audacious attempts of obscure and unprincipled men to subvert the British governmentNot knownLondonNo publisher1792
AnonymousA letter to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke in reply to his 'Reflections on the revolution in France, etc.' By a member of the Revolution Society4,55pLondonNo publisher1790
AnonymousA letter to William Cobbett. (Signed: a Briton)8p[Birmingham]No publisher[1819]
AnonymousA new dialogue between Monsieur Francois and John English, on the French revolution14pLondonNo publisher[1794]
AnonymousA New Year's gift to the people of Great Britain: containing the resolutions of a society, in which the rights of men, liberty, equality, etc. are separately considered23pEdinburghNo publisher1793
AnonymousA radical mis-represented, or truly represented, or a two-fold character of radicalism: to which is added a brief history of the rise and fall of the island of Peterloo30pLondonAndrews1820
AnonymousA razor for the Whig; or an address to the electors of Great Britain on the approaching dissolution of parliament. By a friend to church and king79pBristolNo publisher1832
AnonymousA review of the Anti-Jacobin, critical and monthly reviews39pLondonNo publisher1803
AnonymousA scrap for the New Year; or the cause of national distress briefly considered24pYorkNo publisher1830
AnonymousA short but serious address to the manufacturers, yeomanry, and tradesmen of Great Britain and Ireland
35pLondonNo publisher1791
AnonymousA word in favour of the trades' unions, by an operative stone mason (J. D. M.)16pLondonSmyth1834
AnonymousA yarn spun for the use of the son of the cotton-spinner. By an operative20pLondonWilson1835
AnonymousAdditional remarks on the effect produced on a country's trade by foreign duties on its exports22pLondonOllivier1846
AnonymousAdvantages of reform as proposed by the present ministers. 6th edition33pLondonRoakeNo date
AnonymousAesop in Downing Street. Part I23pLondonRoake1831
AnonymousAn address from John Bull to his fellow-countrymen. In prose and verse8pBirminghamPrinted for T. Wood1819
AnonymousAn address to his fellow townsmen, by an old plater8pNo placeS. L. Knott1819
AnonymousAn address to the labourers, on the subject of destroying machinery8pLondonKnight1830
AnonymousAn address to the people of Great Britain, containing a comparison between the republican and reforming parties... By a friend to liberty, property, and reform 104pEdinburghNo publisher1793
AnonymousAn address to the supporters of Lord Grey and the friends of reform 12pLondonRoake and Varty1831
AnonymousAn address to the two Houses of Parliament on the importance of the Corn Laws to the national revenue. 2nd edition(vi),23pLondonNo publisher1817
AnonymousAn answer of the friends of reform in Sheffield, summoned to take into consideration the letter of the London Corresponding Society on the subject of a proposed meeting4pLondonNo publisher1797
AnonymousAn answer to the second part of 'Rights of man'; in two letters to the author60pLondonPrinted for Rivington1792
AnonymousAn appeal to Britons. By a friendNot knownNorwichNo publisher1794
AnonymousAn appeal to the electors of England 12pLondonRoake and Varty1831
AnonymousAn appeal to the men of Yorkshire, on the great measures of government for reducing the bread tax, and the duties on timber and sugarNot knownLondonBrettell1841
AnonymousAn appeal to the people of England of free corn; pointing out the vital importance of the subject, and how it immediately interests every individual in the realm. 2nd edition40pLondonSimpkin and Co. 1834
AnonymousAn appeal to the people of England; with remarks on Dr. Priestley's letters to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke33pNo placeNo publisher1791
AnonymousAn appeal to the people, on the two despotic bills, now defending in Parliament40pLondon[Eaton]1795
AnonymousAn appeal to tradesmen in town and country. By one of themselves8pLondonOlliver1844
AnonymousAn authentic narrative of the events of the Westminster election, which commenced on Saturday, February 13th, and closed on Wednesday, March 3rd, 1819
(vii),412pLondonNo publisher1819
AnonymousAn earnest plea both for the poor, and for the rich. A letter to Sir Robert Peel… by a parochial clergyman15pLondonSimpkin1842
AnonymousAn impartial narrative of the late melancholy occurrences in Manchester58pLiverpoolFisher1819
AnonymousAnswers to certain objections made to Sir Robert Peel's bill for ameliorating the condition of children employed in cotton factories74pManchesterNo publisher1819
AnonymousArtisans, farmers and labourers38pLondonRidgway1839
AnonymousBritish taxes dissected. Being a plain letter addressed to the working men of Great Britain and Ireland. By one of the council of the National Political Union16pLondonNational Political Union1833
AnonymousChartism and the Charter defended8pNo placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousCobbett's gridiron: written to warn farmers of their danger; and to put land-holders, mortgagers, lenders, borrowers, the labouring, and indeed all classes of the community on their guard32pLondonStemman1822
AnonymousConsiderations on Mr. Paine's pamphlet on the 'Rights of man'75pEdinburgh/ LondonPrinter for Greech/Cadell1791
AnonymousCo-operative societies and the income tax8pManchesterNo publisher1884
AnonymousCotton lords versus landlords54pLondonNo publisher1839
AnonymousDialogue on parliamentary reform. 3rd edition31pLondonRoake1831
AnonymousEffects of machinery on manual labour and on the distribution of the produce of industry8pLondonWatson1830
AnonymousEquality, as consistent with the British constitution: in a dialogue between a master manufacturer and one of his workmen8pBirminghamPrinted by Jabet and Moore [1819]
AnonymousExistence of God, and the dancing devils in heaven[6p]No placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousFacts and observations illustrative of the evils of the law, which prohibits the exportation of machinery31pManchesterThomson1841
AnonymousFlower of the Jacobins. 3rd edition(xvi),84pLondonNo publisher1793
AnonymousFree trade with reference to its effects upon the operative classes, briefly considered…16pLondonPainter1844
AnonymousFriends of the people: addressed to the people, on the subject of the reform of parliament28pLondonNo publisher1793
AnonymousHelot's defence of himself, O'Connell, and catholic emancipation with a word for Hume, Cobbett, 'The shopocracy' and middle classes, against the attacks of the editor of the Poor Man's Guardian16pLondonBerger1834
AnonymousHints to electors; or, answers to a few plain questions on the new constitution. 2nd edition23pLondonRoake and Varty1831
AnonymousHints to the ministers of state, land-owners, merchants and manufacturers on the subject of radical reform. In two letters. By a friend to the poor12pManchesterFor the author1819
AnonymousHistorical account of the Luddites of 1811, 1812, 1813 with report of their trials at York Castle from the 2nd - 12th January 1813135pHuddersfieldCowgill1862
AnonymousHome colonization! Liberty futher defined8pNo placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousHomes of the poor, and the Board of Works swindle. By one of ye hungry-gutted[8p]No placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousKing Omega's vision; or, a Midsummer Night's Dream in 183111pLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousLand usurpers and money changers. Dedicated to the people. By a national reformer8pLondonOffice of the Republican[1848]
AnonymousLast battle after the coming struggle: a study for christians, infidels and the man of sin32pLondonGreen1853
AnonymousLeeds reform meeting. Held on Hunslet-Moor, September 20th, 1819. 4th edition23pLeedsBaines1819
AnonymousLetter to the king. By one of the people31pLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousLetter to the prince of Wales8pLondonNo publisherNo date
AnonymousLetters of Anti-Radical (3 vols.)Not knownLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousLetters on the impolicy of a standing army, in time of peace. And, on the unconstitutional and illegal measure of barracks; with a postscript, illustrative of the real constitutional mode of defence for this island. Containing also a short review of the effects which are produced by a standing army, on morality, population and labour90pLondonD. J. Eaton1793
AnonymousLetters on the utility and policy of employing machines to shorten labour, occasioned by the late disturbances in Lancashire: to which are added some hints for the futher extension and improvement of our woolen trade and manufactures9pLondonBeckett1780
AnonymousLiberty and equality: treated of in a short history addressed from a poor man to his equals39pLondonNo publisher1792
AnonymousMachinery: its tendency, viewed particularly in reference to the working classes. By an artizan. (Defective copy: no cover)31pLondon Fox1843
AnonymousManchester riots. A full (and authentic) account of the dreadful riots at Manchester, Macclesfield, etc. By an eyewitness16pLondonNo publisher[1819]
AnonymousMemoranda of the chartist agitation in Dundee8pNo placeKidd1889
AnonymousNew constitution 'the bill, the whole bill and nothing but the bill'. 10th edition32pLondonRoakeNo date
AnonymousNew view of society. Tracts relative to this subject, viz. proposals for raising a colledge of industry of all useful trades and h[us]bandry43,24,83pLondonPublished by R. Owen, printed for Longman1818
AnonymousObservations on the factory system31pLondonFox1844
AnonymousOn the law and liberties of Englishmen. 6th edition21pLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousOpinions of modern philosophers and statesmen on war and warlike armaments ('Rights of labour defended…') (Defective copy: no title page)8p[London]No publisherNo date
AnonymousPeterloo massacre, containing a faithful narrative of the events which preceded, accompanied, and followed the fatal 16th of August, 1819…, nos. 1-14. Edited by an observer216pManchesterNo publisher1819
AnonymousPoetry of the Anti-Jacobin. 2nd edition248pLondonNo publisher1854
AnonymousProtection of British agriculture. An essay showing the ruinous effects which a free trade in corn would…16pLondonNo publisher1844
AnonymousProtestant freeman's appeal to the protestant electors of Great Britain and Ireland12pLondonRoake1831
AnonymousReasons for demanding investigation into the charges against Lord Palmerston19pGlasgowCollins1840
AnonymousReflections on the Irish conspiracy; and on the necessity of an armed association in Great Britain148pLondonNo publisher1797
AnonymousReform becomes revolution if you already have liberty! A second letter to the king by 'The silent member' of Blackwood's Magazine. 3rd edition70pLondonHatchard & Son1831
AnonymousRemarks on the injurious effects of the truck system; with an appendix consisting of affidavits, etc. (Defective copy: no cover)20pDudleyStanley1830
AnonymousRepeal of the union with Ireland considered in its practical bearings. 2nd edition34pLondonRidgway1834
AnonymousReport adopted at a general meeting of the journeymen broad silkweavers held in … petitioning the legislature for a wages protection bill … to which is appended the petition36pLondonMartz1828
AnonymousSad times: a tale of the Luddites by A. L.142pHuddersfieldNo publisher1870
AnonymousShort address to workmen on combinations to raise wages12pLondonKnight1831
AnonymousSome observations on the bill now pending in Parliament, for the better support and maintenance of the poor. Prepared for the use of the trustees of the poor, on the parish of Kensington43,2pLondonPrinted for Stockdale1797
AnonymousSome remarks and explanatory observations on a petition to parliament from the merchants and ship owners of Liverpool, praying for the admission to consumption of the…15pLiverpoolRobinson1833
AnonymousSongs for the year 1795, sacred to truth, liberty, and peace; inscribed to the sovereign people6p[London]No publisher1794
AnonymousStrikes prevented: by a Preston manufacturer18pLondonWhittaker & Co.1857
AnonymousTake your choice; reform or ruin. in which every man may learn the true state of things at this time and what that reform is, which alone can save the country!!8pBirminghamPiercy1819
AnonymousThe appeal of the people of Ulster to their countrymen and to the empire at large4p[Belfast]No publisher[1797]
AnonymousThe bad effects of combinations of workmen, in the town and neighbourhood of Bolton-le-Moors17pManchesterNo publisher1823
AnonymousThe birthright of Britons: or the British constitution138pLondonNo publisher1792
AnonymousThe chronicle of the kings of England, from William the Norman to the death of George III. Dedicated to the swinish multitude
Not knownLondonNo publisher1824
AnonymousThe church yard companion being a collection of original epitaphs, in verse, together with various others, selected from the receptacles of the dead. To which are added, some reflections among the tombs 35p[Liverpool]Printed for the author by Bethell1830
AnonymousThe coming struggle among the nations of the Earth; or, the political events of the next fifteen years…32pLondonHoulston1853
AnonymousThe effects of machinery on manual labour and on the distribution of the produce of industry8pLondonWatson1830
AnonymousThe factory lad or, the life of Simon Smike exemplifying the horrors of white slavery (25 wood engravings)194pLondonThomas White1839
AnonymousThe factory system: trades unions strike the operatives remedy8pNo placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousThe factory-child. A poem54pLondonWhittaker, Teacher1831
AnonymousThe financial house that Jack built10pLondonRichardson1819
AnonymousThe first fruits of the French revolution18p[Edinburgh]No publisher[1793]
AnonymousThe grand Midland demonstration at Birmingham, August 6, 183816pBirminghamPrinted by Flindell[1838]
AnonymousThe Habeas Corpus Act. Bulwark of liberty, explained and elucidated. 2nd edition8pLondonCox1817
AnonymousThe last advice of an old father, being a letter from a father in the country to his son in town16pNo placeNo publisher[1793]
AnonymousThe last battle after 'the coming struggle'. A study for christians, infidels, and the man of sin32pLondonGreen1853
AnonymousThe library of reason. Containing a series of articles from the works of ancient and modern authors, in favour of free inquiry. Nos. 1-[13]Not knownLondonNo publisher1851
AnonymousThe living poets of England. (2 vols. - vol. 1 only)Not knownParisNo publisher1827
AnonymousThe miracle. An antidote against French poison16pLondonNo publisher1793
AnonymousThe morality of public men. A letter to the Right Hon. Earl of Derby. (Signed: an Englishman) 3rd edition48pLondonNo publisher1852
AnonymousThe poor man's friend. 3rd editionNot knownLondonNo publisher1794
AnonymousThe progress and prospects of society(xi),272pLondonNo publisher1841
AnonymousThe real character and tendency of the proposed reform36pLondonNo publisher[1831]
AnonymousThe reign of the English Robespierre. Addressed to the nation. By a patriot8pLondonNo publisher1795
AnonymousThe rights of industry, addressed to the working men of the United Kingdom. Capital and labour. 2nd edition213pLondonKnight1831
AnonymousThe rights of labour defended: or the trial of the Glasgow cotton spinners, for the alIedged crime of conspiracy, etc. to maintain or raise the wages of labour, before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, on the 10th and 27th November, 1837289pGlasgowRobinson & Co.1837
AnonymousThe rights of the people; containing the principles and a demonstration of the practicability of universal suffrage, without ballot, without oaths, bribery, corruption, vice, riot, tumult, inconvenience, or expense whatever...

(xvi),65pLondonW. Benbow1820
AnonymousThe Shakspearean chartist hymn book. 2nd edition 50pLeicesterNo publisher[1843]
AnonymousThe struggle past. The fallacies, absurdities and presumption, of 'the coming struggle' and similar millenarian raticinations. ('Rights of labour defended…') 5th edition12pEdinburghMacphail1853
AnonymousThe working-man's companion. The results of machinery, namely cheap production and increased employment, exhibited: being an address to the working-men of the United Kingdom216pLondonNo publisher1831
AnonymousThe poor man's friend; or a plan to ameliorate the condition of the poor, and lessen the burthen of parochial expenses… By a loyal subject and friend21pColchesterMarsden1817
AnonymousTo the honorable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the undersigned noblemen, gentlemen…Not knownLoughreaKellyNo date
AnonymousTo the political and social reformers of the United Kingdom4pLondonNo publisher[c.1841]
AnonymousTrades unions and strikes99pLondonKnight1834
AnonymousTrials of the persons concerned in the late riots... which commenced Monday, January 2nd, and ended Saturday, January 14th, 18324,151pBristolNo publisher1832
AnonymousTruth and reason against place and pension: being a candid examination of the pretensions and assertions of the society held at the Crown and Anchor... Addressed to John Reeves and his associates
28pLondonNo publisher1793
AnonymousTwo letters, addressed to Earl Grey, upon the substance and tendency of the Reform Bill as introduced into the House of Commons by Lord John Russell35pLondonRoake and Varty1831
AnonymousWar with Holland! November, 18328pLondonRoake[1832]
AnonymousWhat is a revolution? And what are the signs of its approach? A letter to the king by 'The silent member' of Blackwood's Magazine. 3rd edition72pLondonHatchard & Son1831
AnonymousWhat is liberty? How shall we obtain it?8pNo placeNo publisherNo date
AnonymousWhig fraud and English folly! The bill not the bill, nor anything like the bill: being a letter to the people. 4th edition32pLondonBerger1831
AnonymousWhiggery, chartism and truth. Being an exposure of the Whigs, a reply to the misstatements of the Sunderland Herald, and a defence of the chartists8pSunderlandWm & Binns1839
AnonymousWord in favour of the trades' unions by an operative's stone mason16pLondonSmyth1834
AnonymousWord in season! Addressed to persons desirous of change. 2nd edition12pLondonRoake and Varty1831
Anti-Juniper (pseud.)Second letter of Anti-Juniper to his brother radicals8pBirminghamNo publisher[1819]
Appleton, W. A.Trade unions, their past, present and future183pNo placeAllan & Co.1925
Archenholz, J. W.Annalen der brittischen geschichte des jahres 1788-1795, Bd. I-XVIII. T. 1-6, 9-14Not knownTübingenNo publisher1790-1800
Ashburton, LordThe financial and commercial crisis considered40pLondonMurrey1847
Association for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and LevellersProceedings of the Association for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers. No. 158pLondonNo publisher[1792]
Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and Labouring PoorReport of the committee of the Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and Labouring Poor, laid before the committee of the House of Commons on the Poor Laws24pNo placeNo publisher1819
Attwood, ThomasSpeech of Thomas Attwood, esq., at the town's meeting, against the renewal of the East India Charter. Held… in Birmingham, on Friday, January 8th, 1813. Republished from the Midland Chronicle, of Saturday, January 16th, 181312pBirminghamPrinted by Smith1813
Aylmer, Edward and George EdwardsMemoirs of George Edwards, alias Wards, the acknowledged spy, and principal instigator in the Cato-street plot... 168pLondonNo publisher1820
Babbage, CharlesOn currency or a new system of manufacturing, and on the effect of machinery on human labour. Being three chapters etc. from the 3rd edition of the 'Economy of machinery and manufacturers'31pNo placeKnight1833
Baernreither, J. M.English associations of working men. Translated by Alice Taylor. Preface by J. M. Ludlow473pNo placeSonnenschein1889
Bailey, James NapierPreliminary discourse on the objects, pleasures and advantages of the science of society32pLeedsHobson1840
Bailey, James NapierSophistry unmasked! A refutation of the arguments contained in a pamphlet - written and published by John Brindley, entitled 'A reply to the infidelity and atheism of socialism'32pLeedsHobson1871
Bailey, ThomasRights of labour: with proposals for a new basis for the national suffrage60pLondon/ NottinghamDyer/Renais1844
Bailley, S.A letter to a political economist, occasioned by an article in the Westminster Review on the subject of value101pLondonNo publisher1826
Baines, EdwardHistory of the cotton manufacture in Great Britain18,9,544pLondonNo publisher[1835]
Baines, EdwardThe life of Edward Baines. By his son32[1]pLondonNo publisher1851
Bamford, S[amuel]Passages in the life of a radical and early days. (2 vols.)Not knownLondonNo publisher1844
Bamford, SamuelHours in the bowers. Poems93pManchesterAuthor1834
Barker, JosephReformers almanac and companion to the almanacs for 1848-49each 32pNo placeNo publisher1848-1849
Barlow, J.Advice to the privileged orders in the several states of Europe. Part I156pLondonNo publisher1792
Barraclough, CharlesNew age of reason: the five new commandments or equalization of labour and rest16pNo placeNo publisherNo date
Barton, J.Observations on the circumstances [which] influence the condition of the labouring classes of society
80,9pLondonNo publisher1817
Barton, JohnThe influence of the price of corn on the rate of the mortality 16pBradburyWhitefriarsNo date
Barwis, J. A.A fourth dialogue concerning liberty; containing an exposition of the falsity of the first and leading principles of the present revolutionists in Europe69pLondonNo publisher1793
Batley, J. A.Letter to the Rev. Christopher Wyvill, chairman of the committee of the Yorkshire Association17pLondonPrinted by the Society for Constitutional Information1782
Bayle, PeterThe life of David22pLondonBebbington1861
Beckett, EdmundTrades unionism and its results. Five letters in The Times with some additions31pNo placeLockwood1878
Beddoes, Th[omas]A word in defence of the Bill of Rights, against gagging bills8,4pBristolNo publisher[1795]
Beesly, Edward SpencerLetters to the working classes24pLondonTruelove[187-]
Bell, RichardTrade unionismNot knownLondonNo publisher1907
Bell, W. S.The reformers catechism, or corruption unmasked22pLondonW. S. Bell1832
Benevolus (pseud.)Second letter to the inhabitants of Birmingham. By Benevolus12pBirminghamPrinted by Knott[1819]
Bennet, G.A display of the spirit and designs of those who, under pretext of a reform, aim at the subversion of the constitution and government of this kingdom160pCarlisleNo publisher1796
Bentham, J.Plan of parliamentary reform in the form of a catechism. With reasons for each article151-156pLondonNo publisher1818
Besant, AnnieEnglish republicanism8pLondonFreethought Publishing Co.No date
Besant, AnnieGospel of christianity and the gospel of free thought16pLondonWattsNo date
Besant, AnnieWhy I am socialist8pLondonBesant1886
Birmingham Political UnionA full and accurate account of the proceedings at the grand public dinner given to Thomas Attwood and Joshua Scholefield, members for the borough of Birmingham, at Mr. Beardsworth's repository, September 15th, 18348pBirminghamWebb1834
Birmingham Political UnionAn account of the public entry given by the inhabitants of Birmingham to Thomas Attwood and the London deputation, May 28th, 18327pBirmingham[Birmingham Political Union]1832
Birmingham Political UnionBirmingham Political Union meeting 1832. Report of the proceedings of the public meeting of the inhabitants of Birmingham held on June 25th, 1832. Convened by the council of the Birmingham Political Union for the purpose of expressing their opinion on the Irish Reform Bill and of petitioning the legislature on the subject7pBirmingham[Birmingham Political Union]1832
Birmingham Political UnionBirmingham Political Union public meeting 1832. Report of the proceedings of the public meeting of the inhabitants of Birmingham held on May 10th, 1832. Convened by the council of the Birmingham Political Union for the purpose of determining what measures were necessary to be taken on the resignation of the ministers7pBirmingham[Birmingham Political Union]1832
Birmingham Political UnionCorrected report of the proceedings of the 1st meeting of the Birmingham Political Union held May 17th, 1830 (and many other reports)[15p]Birmingham[Birmingham Political Union]1830
Birmingham Political UnionEssays and articles on subjects connected with popular political economy, illustrative chiefly of the principles of equitable labour exchange1pBirminghamCooper1833
Birmingham Political UnionProceedings of the important town's meeting convened by the Birmingham Political Union and held in the Birmingham Town Hall, January 18th, 183612pBirminghamWebb1836
Birmingham Political UnionReport of the proceedings at a meeting of the inhabitants of Birmingham. Held on October 3rd, 1831. Convened by the council of the Birmingham Political Union for the purpose of petitioning the House of Lords to pass the Reform Bill8pBirmingham[Birmingham Political Union]1831
Birmingham Political UnionReport of the proceedings at the town's meeting, held in Mr. Beardsworth's repository in Birmingham, the 13th December, 183011pBirmingham[Birmingham Political Union][1830]
Birmingham Society for Constitutional InformationBirmingham Society for Constitutional Information. First instituted November 20th, 179224p[Birmingham]No publisher1792
Bisset, R.The life of Edmund Burke. (2 vols.) 2nd editionNot knownLondonNo publisher1800
Blakemore, R.A letter to the Right Hon. Charles B. Bathurst, M.P. on the subject of the Poor LawsNot knownLondonNo publisher1819
Bowdler, J.Reform or ruin: take your choice! 42pLondonNo publisher1797
Bower, SamuelThe peopling of utopia: or the sufficiency of socialism for human happiness: being a comparison of the social and radical schemes…16pBradfordWilkinson1838
Bowles, JohnFarther reflections submitted to the consideration of the combined powers63pLondonNo publisher1795
Bowles, JohnProtest against Thomas Paine's 'Rights of man' addressed to members of a book society in consequence of the vote of their committee for including the above work in a list of new publications resolved to be purchased for the use of the society. 5th edition, with corrections and additions 38pEdinburghDickson1792
Bowles, JohnProtest against Thomas Paine's 'Rights of man' addressed to members of a book society, in consequence of the vote of their committee for including the above work in a list of new publications resolved to be purchased for the use of the society. 3rd edition, with corrections and additions Not knownLondonLongman & Nicol1792
Bowles, JohnThe real grounds of the present war with France. 4th edition89pLondonNo publisher1793
Bowles, JohnTwo letters addressed to a British merchant, a short time before the meeting of the new Parliament in 1796. 4th edition87pLondonNo publisher1796
Bowring, JohnSpeech of Dr. Bowring, on the Factories Regulation Act, in the House of Commons, Monday, May 9th, 1836. (Photocopy)4pLondonNo publisher1836
Boyle, HumphreyReport of the trial of Humphrey Boyle, indicted at the Constitutional Association, as 'a man with name unknown', for publishing an alledged blasphemous and seditious libel as one of the shopmen of Mr. Carlile32pLondonNo publisher1822
Bradlaugh, CharlesThe autobiography of Rev. Bradlaugh. A page of his life. (Illustrated)24pLondonWattsNo date
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Burgess, William and William CobbettCobbett's oppression!! Proceedings on the trial of an action between William Burgess, a poor labouring man, and William Cobbett patriot and reformer!! for employing William Aslett, and John Dubber to assault, and falsely imprison the plaintiff …tried of the assizes… the 20th July. Taken in short hand26pLondonGillet1809
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Carlile, RichardThe whole proceedings on passing sentence on Richard
Carlile in the King's Bench, Westminster, 16th November, 1819
4p[London]No publisher[1819]
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6,(lxiii),427pLondonNo publisher1831
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113pLondonNo publisher1921
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(lv),26pLondonNo publisher1809
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104pOxfordNo publisher1819
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23pExeterNo publisher1818
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92pLondonNo publisher1820
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Eaton, JohnSpoilation of the grave. Trial of John Eaton, sexton of St. George's Chapel, Manchester, convicted of felony on May 11th, 1827, at the New Bailey quarter sessions. With introductory remark, the prisoner's examination…, suggestions as to the means of supplying the faculty with sibjects for dissection...34pManchesterPratt[1827]
Edmonds, G[eorge]Copy of Mr. Edmond's placard; to the electors of the borough of Birmingham
12p[Birmingham]No publisher[1832]
Edmonds, GeorgeA letter to the inhabitants of Birmingham; being a vindication of the conduct of the writer, at the late meeting at the Shakespeare, February 11th, 1817, with animadvertions upon the proceedings of the locked up meeting at the prison, in Moor-street, on the following day24pBirminghamPrinted for the author1817
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Edwards, NessThe early trade unions of South Wales15pAbertillery, Monmouth-shireWestern Valleys Labour College Class Movement1923
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preface. Shortly noticed and respectfully corrected in a letter to his lordship, by the author of the 'Defence of the people'
48pLondonNo publisher1819
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132pLondonNo publisher1820
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(iv),95,3,44,26,2pLondonNo publisher1818
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23pLondonNo publisher1818
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Not known[London]No publisher[1822]
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48pLondonNo publisher1794
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bread, knowledge, and freedom. An autobiography
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war... at Doncaster Sessions, January 22nd, 1795
Not knownSheffieldNo publisher1795
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trades of Great Britain and Ireland
4pNo placeNo publisher[1850]
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Owen, RobertSyllabus of four morning and four evening [courses] of lecturers, on the rational system of society, derived solely from nature and experience as propounded by R. Owen, versus socialism derived from misrepresentation, as…16pLondon[Home Colonization Society]1841
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Political and Social Improvement of the People Rules and regulations of the Political and Social Improvement of the People 8pNo placeNo publisherNo date
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4,196pLondonNo publisher1824
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18pEdinburghNo publisher1793
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16p[38p]BradfordNo publisher1835
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Sheffield Political UnionObjects, rules, and regulations, of the Sheffield Political Union. November 27th, 183012pSheffieldPrinted at [Iris-] Office1831
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Simmons, AlfredWords of warning to agricultural labourers and other working-men… Cobden Club Leaflet No. 264pLondonCasselNo date
Simpson, J.Brief report of lectures delivered to the working classes
of Edinburgh, on the means in their own power, of improving their character and condition
60pEdinburghNo publisher[1844]
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Society for Constitutional InformationAn address to the public from the Society for Constitutional Information 8p[London]No publisher[1780]
Society for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and LevellersAssociation papers. Part I. Publications of the Society for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers. Part II. A collection of tracts of that societyNot knownLondonNo publisher1793
Society for the Suppression of BeggarsThe first report of the society, instituted in Edinburgh on 2nd January 1813, for the suppression of beggars… with an account of receipts and disbursements from 27th February to 1st November 181324pEdinburghSmellie1814
Society of the Friends of the PeopleThe Friends of the People. At a general meeting of the Society of the Friends of the People, associated for the purpose of obtaining a parliamentary reform, held... May 31st, 17944,2,15-16pNo placeNo publisher1794
Society of the Friends of the PeopleThe Friends of the People. At an extraordinary and numerous meeting of the Society of the Friends of the People, associated for the purpose of obtaining a parliamentary reform, held... May 25th, 1795Not known[London]No publisher[1795]
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Southwell, CharlesAn essay on marriage; addressed to the lord bishop of Exeter24pLondonRoe1840
Southwell, CharlesThe trial of Charles Southwell (editor of 'The Oracle of Reason') for blasphemy, January 14th, 1842Not knownLondonNo publisher1842
Spence, Th[omas]An address to the Hon. Edmund Burke, from the swinish multitude. (Signed: Old Hubert) 28pLondonNo publisher1793
Spence, Th[omas]Church and King Morality, or a picture of English liberty and virtue and European 'social order, morality and religion' 8pLondonNo publisher1795
Spence, Th[omas]Knave's-Acre Association. Resolutions adopted at a meeting of placemen, pensioners, etc., held at the sign of the Grown Knaves Acre, for the purpose of forwarding the designs of the Place and Pension Club... By Old Hubert
15pLondonNo publisher1793
Spence, Th[omas]The rights of infants; or, the imprescriptable right of mothers to such a share of the elements as is sufficient to enable them to suckle and bring up their young. In a dialogue between the aristocracy and a mother of children. To which are added, by way of preface and appendix, strictures on Paine's agrarian justice10pLondon No publisher1797
Spence, ThomasLoose meat for the pigs. (6 leaflets)Not knownLondonSpence1794
Spence, ThomasSubstance of the examination of Thomas Spence, before the Privy Council on May 23rd, 17944pNo placeNo publisher1797
Spencer, Th[omas]The people's rights: and how to get them16pLondonNo publisher1843
Spencer, ThomasThe new Poor Law; its evils and their remedies16pLondonGreen1841
Spencer, ThomasThe outcry against the new Poor Law; or, who is the poor man's friend?16pLondonGreen1841
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Stevens, W.A memoir of Thomas Martin Wheeler, founder of the
Friend-in-Need Life and Sick Assurance Society. (Photocopy)
98pLondonNo publisher1862
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Swing (pseud.)A true account of the life and death of Swing, the rick-burner; written by one well acquainted with him. 19th edition26pLondonNo publisher[183-]
Swing (pseud.)The life and history of Swing, the Kent rick burner, written by himself8pLondonChubb[183-]
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Taylor, JohnThe minister mistaken; or the question of depreciation erroneously stated by Mr. Huskisson40pLondonClarke1843
Taylor, RobertTrial of the Rev. Robert Taylor, upon a change of blasphemy with his defence, as delivered by himself before the lord chief justice and a special jury… October 24th, 182748pLondonCarlile1828
Taylor, Th[omas]An answer to the second part of Mr. Paine's 'Age of reason'63pManchesterNo publisher1796
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Taylor, William CookeNotes on a tour in the manufacturing districts of Lancashire: in a series of letters to his grace the archbishop of Dublin331pLondonDuncan & Malcolm1842
Thelwall, JohnA letter to Henry Cline on imperfect development of faculties, mental and moral, as well as constitutional and organic271pLondonNo publisher1810
Thelwall, JohnJohn Gilpin's ghost; or, the warning voice of King Chanticleer: an historical ballad: written before the late trials and dedicated to the treason-hunters of Oakham11pLondonNo publisher1795
Thelwall, JohnMonody on the Right Hon. Charles James Fox. 2nd edition10pLondonNo publisher1806
Thelwall, JohnPeaceful discussion, and not tumultuary violence, the means of redressing national grievance. The speech of John Thelwall at the general meeting of the friends of parliamentary reform, called by the London Corresponding Society and... held in the neighbourhood of Copenhagen-house, on Monday, October 26th, 1795. 2nd edition24pLondonNo publisher[1795]
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Thelwall, JohnPoems on various subjects. (2 vols.)Not knownLondonNo publisher1787
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Thelwall, JohnProspectus of a course of lectures, to be delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, during the ensuing Lent. In strict conformity with the restrictions of Mr. Pitt's Convention Act29pLondonNo publisher1796
Thelwall, JohnReply to the calumnies, misrepresentations, and literary forgeries, contained in the anonymous observations on his letter to the editor of the Edinburgh Review55pGlasgowNo publisher1804
Thelwall, JohnSelections for the illustration of a course of instructions on the rhythmus and utterance of the English language... Not knownLondonNo publisher1812
Thelwall, JohnThe natural and constitutional right of Britons to annual
parliaments, universal suffrage, and the freedom of popular association; being a vindication of the motives and political conduct of John Thelwall, and of the London Corresponding Society, in general
(v),96pLondonNo publisher1795
Thelwall, JohnThe trident of Albion…168pLiverpoolNo publisher1805
Thistlewood, Arthur, and othersThe trials of Arthur Thistlewood, J. lngs, J. T. Brunt, W. Davidson, and R. Tidd, on a charge of high treason in attempting to depose the king and assassinate his ministers... tried at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, April 17th, 1820, and following days2,138pLondonNo publisher[1820]
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Thompson, T. P.The true theory of rent, in opposition to… Ricardo and others. Being an exposition of fallacies on rent, tithes…: in the form of a review of…34pLondonHeward1832
Thompson, WilliamLabor rewarded. The claims of labor and capital conciliated or, how to secure to labor the whole products of its exertions.(viii),[1]28pLondonHunt and Clarke1827
Thomson, G. W.The grammar of the power152pNo placeLabour Publishing Co.1924
Thorne, WillMy life's battles. Foreword by Clynes221pLondonNewnesNo date
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Tollenare, L. F. deSur l'emploi des machines16pNo placeNo publisher1826
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Tomkins, Isaak and Peter JenkinsA sketch of the aristocracy of England, in the year 1835…16pLondonWilson1835
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Tooke, John HorneThe trial of John Horne Tooke, for high treason, at the Session House in the Old Bailey on November 17th-22nd, 1794. (2 vols.)Not knownLondonNo publisher1795
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Towers, J.Tracts on political and other subjects, Published at various
times and now first collected together. (3 vols.)
Not knownLondonNo publisher1796
Trades Union Congress60 years of trade unionism 1868-1928, souvenir of 60th Trades Union Congress84pNo placeTrades Union Congress, General Council1928
Trant, WilliamTrade unions. Their origins, objects, influence and efficiency188pNo placePaul1884
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Tucker, E.Political fly-sheets. Nos. 1-12 containing: 1. Palmerston and Poland; 2. Palmerston, what has he done; 3. England's part in Turkey's fall; 4. War for Russia - not against Russia; 5. Louis Napoleon - Russia - Circassia; 6. Urquhart for premier; 7. The invasion of the Crimea; 8. The words of Palmerston; 9. Spider and fly; 10. The home fall of the four points. To which is appended two reports of the sub-committee of the Newcastle on Tyne association for watching the warNot knownLondonTrubner1855
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Vindex (pseud.) A letter to the House of Peers on the present crisis. By Vindex [Stanhope, Ph. or Mahon?]31pLondonRoake and Varty1831
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80pLondonNo publisher1848
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Watt, Robert and David DownieTrials of Robert Watt and David Downie for high treason, held... at Edinburgh, August 14th-September 6th, 1704
92pEdinburghNo publisher[1794]
Watts, JohnTrade societies and strikes: their good and evil influences on the members of trades unions, and on society at large35pManchesterHeywood 1862
Weale, GeorgeAn interesting memoir of George Weale and son of the late Reverend George Weale, from the time of his leaving his father at the age of 15, till the memorable battle of Waterloo46pManchesterBradshawNo date
Webb, SidneyLabour in the longest reign 1837-1897. Issued under the auspices of the Fabian Society62pNo placeFabian Society1897
Westminster Review(On the) taxes on knowledge from the Westminster Review. No. 29, for July 1st, 1831Not knownLondonNo publisher[1831]
Westminster ReviewThe article on the six acts, especially taxes on literature. Reprinted (by permission) from the Westminster Review, No. XXIV, for April 183016pLondonW. Strange[1830]
Whitbread, SamuelA letter from Whitbread to Lord Holland on the present situation of Spain16pLondonRidgway1808
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55pLondonNo publisher1819
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46pLondonNo publisher[1793]
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Articles of the Hatter's Union of Great Britain and Ireland. Instituted at Manchester… 1833 and revised at Oldham… 1839. (Defective copy: no cover, unsewn)17pNo placeSlater1840
A brief sketch of the life and writings of M. de Voltaire, with an accurate account of the last moments of his life…16pLondonWatson1834
A brief sketch of the life and writings of the Baron d'Holbach15pLondonWatson1834
A brief sketch of the life of C. F. Volney… to which is added the celebrated dialogue between the industrious and the privileged classes etc. etc… 2nd edition16pLondonWatson1834
A brief sketch of the life of Percy Bysshe ShelleyNot knownLondonNo publisher1834
A short address to workmen, on combinations to raise wages. Under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge12pLondonKnight 1831
Abstract of a bill for securing the representation of the people of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament, as amended by a conference of complete suffrage delegates…1842… Tracts of the National Complete Suffrage Union No. 108pLondonNational Complete Suffrage Union[1842]
Almanack of freedom for 185544pLondonHolyoake & Co.1854
An outline of the proceedings at the public meeting of the Association to Remove the Cause of Ignorance and Poverty
16pNo placeNo publisher1831
Birmingham complete suffrage, conference 184278pNo placeNo publisher1842
Chartist tracts for the times. Nos. 1-8. By the Kirkdale chartist prisoners. 1. Why are we poor? What do the chartists want? 2. Why are we poor? The landed aristocracy; 3. Robb[er]ies of the landed aristocracy; 4. The factory system - trades' union strikes the operatives remedy; 5. What is liberty? How shall we obtain it? 6. Home colonization! Liberty further defined! 7. Chartism, and the charter defended; 8. Chartism, and the charter defended (continued from our last)each 8pWortleyBarker[1849]
Commission on Friendly and Benefit Building Societies. Parts 1 and 2Not knownNo placeNo publisher1872
Effects of reform. Extract from the newspaper called The Times, of Wednesday, the 18th of May 183111pLondonRoake and Varty[1830]
Extract from the Dumfries and Galloway Courier of May 8th, 18104p[Dumfries]No publisher[1810]
Fast day as observed at Sheffield. A serious lecture, delivered at Sheffield, February 28th, 1794. 4th edition12pLondonNo publisher1794
Free labour v. slavery. Report of speeches delivered at a public meeting in behalf of the operative bakers, held in the Waterloo Rooms, on July 3rd, 1846Not knownEdinburghNo publisher1846
Great Britain. Parliament trade disputes billsNot knownNo placeEyre & Spottiswoode1906
Great Britain. Report I of the commissioners appointed to inquire into the organisation and rules of trades unions and other associations, together with minutes of evidence32p[London]Stationery Office 1867-69
Manifesto of English socialists, May 1st, 18938pNo placeJoint committee of socialist bodies1893
Manifesto of the general convention of the industrious classes8pLondonDyson1840
Meeting at the Crown and Anchor on the case of Dr. Beaumont, condemned to perpetual imprisonment on ex post facto laws, by the French house of lords32pLondonMorgan1836
New South Wales Trades' and Labour Council. To the working men of Great Britain and Ireland4pNo placeNo publisherNo date
Proceedings under the Special Commission at York, before Baron Thompson and Mr. Justice Le Blanc, which commenced on the second of January, 1813, and closed on the twelth of the same month, for the trial of offences, connected with the late disturbances in the West-Riding of this country. 2nd edition2,71pLondonNo publisher1813
Report adopted at a general meeting of the journeymen broad silkweavers, held in Saint John Street Chapel, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, on Wednesday, the 20th of February 1828… Petitioning the legislature for a wages protection bill… to which is appended the petition36pLondonMantz1828
Report of addresses delivered at the 9th anniversary of the opening of the Salford Unitarian Chapel, December 30th, 183333pLondonHunter1834
Report of the committee, to whom it was remitted to suggest a plan for affording relief to the labouring classes in the city and suburbs16pEdinburghSmellie1816
Report of the proceedings at the town's meeting, held in Mr. Beardsworth's repository, in Birmingham, on Monday, the 13th December 1830, in support of parliamentary reform
11pBirminghamNo publisher[1830]
Report of the proceedings of a delegate meeting of the operative spinners of England, Ireland and Scotland, assembled at Ramsey, Isle of Man, on Saturday December 5th, 1829 and three following dates56pManchesterM. Wardle, printer[1829]
Report of the speeches, etc. at the Westminster meeting 1819, September 2nd20p[London]No publisher[1819]
Report to the trade societies and general public of the United Kingdom32pNo placeNo publisherNo date
Reports of assistant commissioners, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire240pNo placeNo publisher1874
Reports of chief registrar for 1910-1913, 1918-1923, 1912-1924. (17 vols.)Not knownNo placeNo publisher1910-1924
The British essayists. Vol. XLIIINot knownLondonNo publisher1819
The Church of England self-supporting village, for promoting the religious, moral and general improvement of the working classes, by forming establishments of three hundred families on the land and combining agricultural with manufacturing employment, for their own benefit. (Prospectus)16pLondon[The Church of England self-supporting village]1850
The factory system and the Ten Hours' Bill. (From Fraser's Magazine, April 1833)16pLondonMoyes[1833]
The freedom of England, in contra-distinction to Pitticism: addressed to the freeholders of the country of Lincoln in particular, and to the freeholders and electors throughout England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland in general. By Ex.
329pStamfordNo publisher1818
The master spinners and manufacturers' defence fund. Report of the committee appointed for the receipt and apportionment of this fund…22pManchesterPrinted by Gave and Sever1854
The proceedings and speeches at the meeting the seventeenth November, 1795, at St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich, to petition Parliament against Lord Grenville's and Mr. Pitt's treason and sedition billsNot knownNorwichNo publisher[1795]
The speeches of several leading friends of the factory children, delivered on Tuesday, May 10th 1886, in the debate which occurred on the 2nd reading of Mr. Paulett Thomson's Factory Act Amendment Bill. (Defective copy: no cover)20pLondonMills[1886]
Verbatim report of the trial for conspiracy in the case of the queen; on the prosecution of Jones and Potts against Selsby and others (members of a trade society) at the Liverpool Lent Assizes, 184761pLondonCleane1847
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