Karl Marx: Biographical Memoirs
Wilhelm Liebknecht
A personal biography of Marx by an intimate friend, who was later to found the German SPD with August Bebel.
1975, paperback reprint (1896), 21.4×13.5cm, 181pp

Freedom or Death: The Life of Gotsé Delchev
Mercia MacDermott
A biography of the Bulgarian revolutionary who led the armed struggle against the Turks at the end of the nineteenth century.
1978, hardback original, illustrated, 21.2×14.5cm, viii+405pp

For Freedom and Perfection: The Life of Yané Sandansky
Mercia MacDermott
An account of the life of one of Bulgaria’s most prominent revolutionaries.
1988, paperback original, illustrated, 21.5×13.7cm, xxii+505pp

When Britain Invaded Soviet Russia: The Consul Who Rebelled
Andrew Rothstein
Based on the unpublished memoirs of Douglas Young, Consul in Archangel in 1918, and Foreign Office records.
1979, paperback original, illustrated, 21.4×13.7cm, xii+140pp

Rare silent footage from the US National Archives of American and British troops in Archangel, Northern Russia 1918-1919.

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