Books distributed by Journeyman

Circolo PCI ‘G. Di. Vittorio’ (Australia)

Terrorism Today in Italy and Western Europe
Edited by Bruno Di Biase
Articles about terrorism drawn from Rinascita, the PCI weekly journal, including Eric Hobsbawm, Pietro Ingrao and Luigi Longo.
1978, 17.9×12.3cm, 96pp

Herndon House Publishers (Philadelphia)

Coltrane: A Biography
Cuthbert Ormond Simpkins, MD
‘Dr. Simpkins very often accomplishes something that few other jazz biographers have done: He narratively simulates the emotional effect of the subject’s music.’ New York Times
1975, 22.8x15cm, x+287pp

Lawrence Hill & Company (Westport)

The Unquiet Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Alvin H. Goldstein
A graphic summary in words and photographs of the trial and execution of the Rosenbergs as atom spies.
1975, paperback, 22.7×14.8cm, 96pp

International Organisation of Journalists (Prague)

Freedom Press: Development of the Progressive Press in Western Europe and the USA
Dafin Todorov
A short history of working-class newspapers in Britain, Germany, France and the USA.
No date, 24×16.5cm, 99pp

About the Press
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
A volume bringing together all the major articles, speeches, reports, notes, letters and extracts written by Lenin about the press.
1972, hardback, 20.5x15cm, 474pp

Oriole Editions (New York)

The Introductions to The Collected Works of William Morris
May Morris
Preface by Joseph Riggs Dunlap
May Morris’ Introductions to each of the 24 volumes of the Collected Works of William Morris have become classics in themselves, as well as illuminating and informative guides to her father’s work.
1973, 22.5×15.7cm, Volume 1: xiv+1-384pp, Volume 2: x+385-761pp

Art and Society and Other Papers in Historical Materialism
George V. Plekhanov
Four essays by Plekhanov: ‘Art and Society’, ‘Historical Materialism and the Arts’, ‘Ibsen, Petty Bourgeois Revolutionist’, and ‘French Drama and Painting of the 18th Century’.
1974, hardback, 22×14.3cm, 187pp

Oriole Chapbook (New York)

Ezra Pound & T S Eliot
A Lecture by Richard Aldington
A masterpiece of literary assassination delivered at an eastern American university.
Chapbook reprint (1953), 19×11.8cm, 32pp

The Tears of the Indians
Bartolemé de Las Casas
Translated by John Phillips
Preface by Colin Steele
The eye-witness account of the cruel massacres of the native Americans by the Spanish during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Chapbook reprint (1656), 19×11.8cm, original facsimile 36pp, translation 74pp

The Canton Speech, with Statements to the Jury and the Court
Eugene Victor Debs
After delivering his ‘Canton Speech’, Debs was arrested and charged with violation of the Espionage Law.
Chapbook reprint (1918), 19×11.8cm, 31pp

Castaways of Plenty: A Parable of Our Times
William E. Hawkins
Capitalism, a triumph of the reductio ad absurdum, by one of America’s radical economists.
Chapbook reprint (1935), 19×11.8cm, 87pp

On a Piece of Chalk
Thomas Henry Huxley
A gem of scientific exploration and a classic in the literature of science.
Chapbook reprint (1868), 19×11.8cm, 36pp

Civil War in West Virginia: The Story of the Industrial Conflict in the Coal Mines
Winthrop D. Lane
An account of the miners’ struggle in West Virginia.
Chapbook reprint (1921), 19×11.8cm, 128pp

A Dream of John Ball
William Morris
One of his most important prose works, first published serially in the Commonweal.
Chapbook reprint (1886-7), 19×11.8cm, 76pp

Facing the Chair: Sacco and Vanzetti, the Story of the Americanization of Two Foreign Born Workmen
John Dos Passos
The facsimile edition of the report published by the Defense Committee just prior to their execution.
Chapbook reprint (1927), 19×11.8cm, 127pp

Social Philosophy and the American Scene and Materialism and Human Knowing
Roy Wood Sellars
Profound contributions to the crucial questions in the theory of knowledge and the mind-body problem.
Chapbook reprint (1949), 19×11.8cm, 47pp

An Address to the Irish People
Percy Bysshe Shelley
‘it is the intention of the Author to awaken in the minds of the Irish poor, a knowledge of their real state…’
Chapbook reprint (1812), 19×11.8cm, 70pp

The Industrial System and the Captains of Industry
Thorstein Veblen
Disposing the more spurious myths and superstitions that pass for economic and sociological wisdom.
Chapbook reprint (1919), 19×11.8cm, 27pp

On the Nature and Uses of Sabotage
Thorstein Veblen
A brilliant essay on developed capitalism by America’s most merciless critic of its economic and social institutions.
Chapbook reprint (1919), 19×11.8cm, 26pp

Shoemaker Press

You can tell he’s a gentleman – look at his boots
Leo Harris
The impish autobiography of a disabled man who left Dublin for life in England.
1982, 19×12.6cm, 141pp

A Walk Through the Wood
Margaret Leroy
The story of a social worker who sees her dilemmas reflected in the lives of the women she is trying to help.
1982, 19×12.8cm, 138pp

House of Pain
John Thwaite
The story of a boy’s obsession with his mother, a refugee who ended up shunning her neighbours and suffering her children.
1982, 19×12.5cm, 144pp

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