Mother Goose Rhymes
A clear demonstration of the effect of censorship, turning innocent rhymes into lewd verses. See Banned Books for the online flipbook.
1985, paperback reprint (no date), 16.3x10cm, 16pp

Merrie England
Robert Blatchford (Nunquam)
One of the most influential books written by an English socialist.
1977, paperback reprint (1893), 19.7×14.8cm, viii+101pp

William Morris’s Socialist Diary
Edited and annotated by Florence Boos
A meticulously edited text, supported by a wealth of notes and biographical details of Morris’s 1887 diary.
1985, paperback original with London History Workshop Centre, 21.5x15cm, 75pp

Six Red Months in Russia
Louise Bryant
Eye-witness accounts of the Russian Revolution, made famous by Warren Beatty’s 1981 film, ‘Reds’.
1982, paperback reprint (1918), illustrated, 21.4×13.6cm, xvi+299pp

The City of the Sun
Brother Thomas Campanella
Translation by A. M. Elliott and Ralph Millner
Introduction by A. L. Morton
The first translation of the 1611 Italian Dominican’s portrayal of an ideal commonwealth.
1981, paperback original, Journeyman Chapbook 7, 19.6×12.8cm,

The Politics of Childhood
Martin Hoyles and Phil Evans
Childhood is not just a stage of life, it is a state of subjection. A challenge to the myth that childhood is a natural state of innocence and immaturity.
1989, paperback original, illustrated, 20.5×14.4cm, 128pp

Cutting the Lifeline: The Fight for the NHS
Edited by John Lister
Foreword by Frank Dobson, MP
A summary of the history of the NHS and the struggles to defend it.
1988, paperback original, 17.7x11cm, 213pp

The Dirty War on the NHS a film by John Pilger (1939-2023)

Useful Work v. Useless Toil
William Morris
The second pamphlet published in the ‘Socialist Platform’ series.
1977, hardback, Radical Reprint 3 (1885), 21.8×13.8cm (original 19x13cm), vi+23pp

The Italian Road to Socialism
Giorgio Napolitano
Translation by John Cammett and Victoria DeGrazia
A collection of interviews by Eric Hobsbawm with the economic spokesman of the Italian Communist Party.
1977, paperback original, 21.5×13.7cm, x+118pp

Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Situations
Ginny Nicarthy
Edited and adapted by Jane Hutt
The first British edition of a bestselling American book, extensively revised by Women’s Aid groups all over Britain.
1990, Journeyman/Pluto Press paperback original, 21.4×13.4cm, xvi+266pp

The Time of the Toad: A Study of Inquisition in America
Dalton Trumbo
The Hollywood Ten’s counterattack on MacCarthyism.
1982, paperback reprint (1949), Journeyman Chapbook 12, 19.6×12.8cm, 70pp

Diary of the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party
Vittorio Vidali
Translation by Nell Amter Cattonar and A. M. Elliott
Introduction by Robert Colodny
The diary of an outstanding Italian politician who recorded the events at that dramatic congress.
1984, paperback original, 21.4x14cm, xvii+192pp

The Soul of Man Under Socialism
Oscar Wilde
Foreword by F. C. Powys
A remarkable synthesis in which individualism is seen as the outcome of socialism.
1988, paperback reprint (1891), Journeyman Chapbook 14, 19.6×12.8cm, vi+65pp

The Myth of British Monarchy
Edgar Wilson
Taking the myths out of the historical and into the political and philosophical.
1989, paperback original, 21.3×13.4cm, xii+227pp

Reviewing the Reviews: A Woman’s Place on the Book Page
Women in Publishing
An in-depth study of the bias against women’s writing in the Press during the 1980s.
1987, paperback original, 19.8×12.8cm, viii+104pp

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