Social History

Grand National Holiday, and Congress of the Productive Classes
William Benbow
The first published suggestion that the general strike could be used as a political weapon.
1977, hardback, Radical Reprint 3 (1832), 21.8×13.8cm (original 19.7×12.2cm), vi+16pp

Address to Trades’ Unions
The Council of the Socialist League
The first pamphlet to be published in the ‘Socialist Platform’ series.
1977, hardback, Radical Reprint 1 (1885), 21.8×13.8cm (original 19.1×12.4cm), vi+16pp

A Handbook on Hanging
Charles Duff
A remarkable satire, ‘being a short introduction to the fine Art of Execution’.
1981, hardback and paperback reprint (1928), 18.5×12.4cm, 192pp

War Against War!
Ernst Friedrich
A unique statement against war, juxtaposing WW1 photographs of atrocities against the military’s romanticisation of war.
1987, hardback and paperback reprint (1924), illustrated, 22.8×15.3cm, 264pp

Mame Loshn: The Making of Yiddish
John Geipel
The first non-specialist description of Yiddish, retraced against the background of Ashkenazic history.
1982, hardback and paperback original, illustrated, 21×13.6cm, vii+113pp

The Days of the Good Soldiers: Communists in the Armed Forces WWII
Richard Kisch
For the first time, the story of the mutinies and strikes in the British armed forces during the Second World War.
1985, paperback original, illustrated, 21.5×13.5cm, xii+179pp

The General Strike
Margaret Morris
An absorbing and comprehensive analysis of the 1926 General Strike, based on regional interviews and TUC archives.
1980, reissued paperback (1976), illustrated, 19.2×12.5cm, 479pp

The Story of the Irish Citizen Army
Sean O’Casey (P. O Cathasaigh)
The best account of the Irish Citizen Army by Ireland’s greatest playwright.
1980, paperback reprint (1919), Journeyman Chapbook 5, 19.6×12.8cm, viii+72pp

A reading by Richie Sweetman at Beresford Place, Dublin, part of the ‘O’Casey in the Estate – Ploughing on’ collection created for Culture Night 2020 on 18 September.

Johnny Come Lately: A Short History of the Condom
Jeannette Parisot
Translation by Bill McCann
Illustrations by Bill Piggins
The first book entirely devoted to the condom, with new material by Geraldine Rudge.
1987, paperback original, 21.5×13.4cm, xiv+130pp

The English Rebels
Charles Poulsen
Not a history of kings and queens, but a history alive with struggle and revolt.
1984, hardback and paperback original, illustrated, 21.4×13.5cm, viii+208pp

The Russians of Ross-shire or Massacre of the Rosses in Strathcanon, Ross-shire, by policemen, when serving the Tenants in Strathcanon with Summonses of Removal last March
Donald Ross
A vivid account of police brutality during the clearing of the Glens
1977, hardback, Radical Reprint 4 (1854), 21.8×13.8cm (original 14.7×8.9cm), vi+32pp

The Soldiers’ Strikes of 1919
Andrew Rothstein
The first general review of the unprecedented wave of strikes and demonstrations in the British armed forces during 1919.
1980, paperback original, 21.5×13.5cm, viii+116pp

Weighing Up
George Scales
Foreword by Chris Kaufman
Illustrations by Colin White
A selection of humorous observations about the English countryside which appeared in the Landworker.
1988, paperback original with the T&GWU, 19.7×12.8cm, 160pp

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