The Organ

In 1995-96, the Private Case published a few issues of a little magazine called The Organ, edited by Tuppy Owens. It was really a supplement for her Planet Sex Handbook and the Outsiders, a self-help group for people with physical and social disabilities to find partners, love, friends and satisfaction.

The Organ provided up-to-date information about the annual Sex Maniacs Ball & Erotic Oscars held in London, political/legal/censorship news (which is where the Private Case interest came in), sex fairs & festivals, swinging & polyfidelity, and lots of other information about sex and the scene around the world.

At the Planet Sex Ball in East London in 1994, the Private Case mounted an exhibition of refreshingly explicit photographs by Graham Carey called ‘Remove the Fig Leaves’ and published a 12-page catalogue as part of the magazine.

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